As I mentioned earlier, you will need some materials first in order to start studying. There is not just one variant with which you can put the natural approach into practice. You can decide for yourself the order in which you proceed. How long you study per day is also up to you.

To start with, I recommend that you follow my learning routine as a guide. To do this, you first need the following:

• A laptop, tablet or smartphone.
• A bluetooth box, speakers or headphones.
• An audio file in German with interesting, understandable content. (You should be able to understand at least 70 percent and at most 90 percent of what is said)
• The transcript for this file, ie the text for the audio in German.
• You can find suitable, interesting and instructive material for learning German here.
• A piece of paper and a pen for notes and vocabulary.
• A quiet place where you can concentrate.

As soon as you have everything together, you can start!

I recommend that you devote at least half an hour to language acquisition every day. I am currently learning three languages ​​for about two hours a day. But that’s quite a lot. I recommend that you increase slowly. If you start at 30 minutes, you can always do more later. And if not, no problem either. 30 minutes a day is a good starting point.
The main thing is that you do it regularly!
That is, at least five days a week. The more, the faster it goes. But be careful: there is no point in torturing yourself five or six hours a day and relaxing the rest of the week. Only daily contact with the language will you be successful because your brain can make friends with German much better this way.
If you’re short on time, stop by here. In this post I will explain how you can optimally plan your time and develop a routine for learning German.

My recommendation for you

My recommendation for most of the time I spend on my foreign language acquisition, I listen to audio files and read the text in the respective language If the text is completely new to me, I hear the entire audio once. This shouldn’t be too long so that you can repeat it many times. In my experience, longer files are often overwhelming, while shorter content is easier to record. I find a length of 3 to 6 minutes ideal.
Once I’ve heard the audio and understood it enough (at least about 60 to 70 percent), then I read the accompanying text and clear up any unknown words for myself. Important when reading: if you come across a word that you don’t know, finish reading the sentence anyway and try to understand the context. Only then do you search for the word in a translator (I recommend PONS translations). This way your brain tries to figure out the meaning of the word from context and can better remember it when you finally look up the word.

Learn new words little by little

I write down all the unknown words and phrases on a piece of paper so that I can call them up immediately when I need them.
When I have read the text completely and understood all the words I start to listen to the audio again. I start the audio file all over again. This time I read the text along. One, two, three times or more. The more often the better. Repetition is an elementary part of the natural approach because it helps our brain to memorize language better.
In this way, the vocabulary solidifies little by little. As soon as I have the feeling that I understand everything perfectly, I listen to the audio without reading and concentrate fully on pronunciation and content. It can be helpful to close your eyes in order to focus your mind even more on what is being said.
In essence, that was it. Of course, I have numerous other tips for you, which you can read in other blog posts.


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