The reason many people find it so difficult to learn a new language is not just using the wrong method! If you have found the right method for you, you are already a big step further. But even with your study material in front of you and your audio ready to start, your head can still screw everything up!

What I mean to say is that one of the mostimportant factors in language learning is attitude. If your head doesn’t cooperate or you are not convinced of your plan, then it will be difficult to succeed. So it is with everything in life.

If, on the other hand, you are sure that you want to master the German language, you are sure that it is right for you and are ready to invest time and effort in it, then you will soon achieve your goal,I promise you!

What is important now?

To make things easier to understand with the right attitude, I developed the VERA principle. Vera is a lovely woman’s name. And useful too, as you will soon see.

The VERA principle

  • V for preparation
  • E for euphoria
  • R for regularity
  • A for activity


Preparation is essential to your success. If you always start to gather your study material together if you want to be productive, then you will lose an enormous amount of time.

My tip: Always find everything you need to learn German the day before, so that you can start straight away the next day.

Preparation also includes eliminating all disruptive factors and finding a place where you can work undisturbed and concentrated for at least 20 to 30 minutes. And very important: put your cell phone awayor at least mute it. Whatsapp and Instagram are absolutetime killers and hinder your concentration and ultimately your success.


By euphoria I mean your attitude towards the language and your motivation. If you find yourself agonizing every time you sit down at your laptop to devote yourself to your language learning, you probably won’t last long. You should know why you want to learn German. Imagine your goal! How will it be the next time you are in Germany and order your meal in a restaurant in fluent German? Or if you can impress an attractive woman or an attractive man in a club in Berlin with your German? What would it mean to you to talk to your work colleagues in German? Wouldn’t that be super awesome?

No matter where your motivation comes from, it is important that you are motivated at all. Only then can the euphoria arise that will bring you to success!


Learning two or three times a week is not enough if you want to make fast progress! You should learn German every day at least a bit!

But before you despair and wonder where you should get the time from let me explain this briefly: You don’t have to study several hours every day. Try to work on your German for at least 20 minutes from Monday to Friday(better also Saturday and Sunday). Better an hour. But even if you only have 10 minutes to spare – better than nothing. Your brain gets used to it much better through daily contact with language. My tip: It is better to study 20 minutes of German for seven days in a row than five hours on two days! And: create your own learning routine!


The “A” in the VERA principle is easy to explain, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It stands for activity. Be alert and focused when you sit down to study. Even if you go for a walk or jog and put on headphones: Be awake and concentrated! As soon as you actively focus on the content of your audio or text, you will make progress. Try to keep your mind on the language. There’s no point in letting the audio play passively in the background while you concentrate on something completely different. However, you can combine certain activities with learning. How, I’ll explainin this post.

Conclusion: I recommend that you stick to the good VERA. With theright material, you are well on the way to improving your German quickly!


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